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Virtual Wellness Festival 



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Mystic Fridays, of the Synergy Project's Mystic Earth Events. A Bilingual Virtual Wellness festival that wasn’t about forgetting the world, but rather about improving it by bettering ourselves with experiences of WELLNESS, BONDING, and CELEBRATION. Where participants left having gained knowledge, tools, perspectives and connections. A four-part festival with a full schedule of online MOVEMENT CLASSES, MYSTIC TALKS, UNIFYING MUSIC, and COMMUNITY CIRCLES. A unique experience in the Arab world, bringing together thought leaders, movement instructors, musicians, facilitators, allowing the chance to co-create a community  that is willing to dive deep into transformation, and hold space for one another. 

Working to elevate the Mystic Earth story and vision through graphic and social media content, in addition to a website featuring the various elements of the event and the possibility to create accessible content rooted in the slogan HEAL, BOND, LEARN, ENJOY. Highlighting the values of Mystic Earth and allowing them to shine through the content and narrative. 

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