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Straw-Bale Construction – The Future of Sustainable Housing? The Ojo Norte Example.

The Ojo Norte Straw Bale House project, a single storey home in North Bay Ontario, is truly a testament to the benefits of Straw Bale construction and its potential for vernacular, sustainable housing.

Brought to life in in September of 2017, by the University of Toronto’s Design-Build student group The Future Living Lab; who aim to design sustainable and affordable living solutions. The layout and construction of the home was designed to optimize cost savings and energy efficiency.

Straw-bales are made from waste product and can be purchased locally in North Bay. The panels offer excellent insulation and construction can be done easily with supervision; the owners and the students played an active role in raising the walls.

The result is also quite aesthetically pleasing, allowing the home to have thicker and textured walls. Thus, the material is worth considering as a more sustainable and affordable option for construction; allowing us to give new life to the otherwise wasted material.


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