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Inspiring Cities for the Future

Planetary health and human health are inextricable interrelated. No longer can we ignore our fundamental interconnections and continue to employ a band-aid solution to an internally inflamed wound. It's time to acknowledge our vast impact,  and design for a better and more resilient future, rooted in collective knowledge and shared understanding and experiences. 

Research on a personal, academic and professional level with regards to developing a scale-able and translatable logic and framework. Employing best practices, policies, frameworks, programs and guidelines in planning for and reshaping a global narrative for holistic wellness and resilience. Advocating for new normals across scales and departments to develop sustainable lifestyles, communities and cities. And exploring the myriad of avenues for action, implementation and representation.  

These are living documents, which aim to build on existing knowledge to bridge the gaps in our understanding and implementation. Pushing the envelope in reshaping a fundamentally flawed narrative and creating a global language of wellness and resilience. 

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