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Holistic Site Analysis 

Socio-Economic and Ecological Site Profile and Mapping on both Micro and Macro Scales to get the most Holistic Understanding. Feeding strategies and implementation. 

Wellness Consulting

Planetary and Human Health  are inextricably interrelated.

We provide consulting services on both Macro and Micro scales to embed Wellness into the lived environment, and daily lives. 

Sustainable Design Standard(s)

Guiding your project to achieve one or more Sustainable Design Standards.

Our team is accredited in 

WELL, Living Future, EDGE, Fitwel and Envision. 

Research & Data Visualization

We provide holistic research consulting services and data visualization graphics for Sustainable Development projects and strategies. Making dense information legible and digestible. 

Principles & Guidelines

Providing implementable Sustainable Development strategies, principles and guidelines for any project. Rooted in and guided by the UN SDGs, along with extensive research and best practices in the field. 

Experiential Storytelling

Our work is centered around the human scale. Thus we bring your projects to life through narrative studies and Day in the Life pieces that highlight and emphasize the lived experience of key project features. 

Destination Branding

Enlivening, enhancing and elevating spaces and places through destination branding and spatial storytelling. Allowing them to embrace and embody their unique essence. Focusing on assets and lived experiences.  

Event Planning 

Conversation is at the heart of creation. We facilitate spaces for curiosity, open dialogue, and experiential education for Sustainable Development. Brain Jams, Workshops, Conferences, and Human Libraries. 

Other Services

Collaboration and Co-creation are the root of value creation. Especially for Sustainable Development. We are always open to new ideas and projects. Please don't hesitate to connect with us to see how we can collaborate. 

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