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1245 Dupont St. Retrofitting

The area at 1245 Dupont St. Toronto, Canada is home to a Portuguese dominant community, and a great percentage of households with the children. The area's streetscape is largely dominated by a dated brick commercial center (without windows), empty plots of land, and abandoned auto-shops. All of which make for a relatively unsafe and uninviting streetscape. The area is looking to be gentrified, with plans for a condo development, which would put a lot of the current residents' at risk of being displaced, breaking up the existing community.


This retrofitting proposal looks to re-develop, re-purpose and re-green the existing elements of the site. Making it more family and community friendly. Tapping into it's existing potential and highlighting and enlivening those elements, and allowing for a more cohesive an sustainable thread to run through the area. Creating spaces and places for the individuals and families living in the area to come together in safe, and sustainable environment.  

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