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Bloor GO Market & Refugee Center

The intersection of Bloor and Dundas in Toronto connects three neighbourhoods and multiple communities and is home to a young, dynamic, and transit-reliant population which is only expected to increase. The potential for the GO & UP Express station and its surroundings remains however unrealised, as exemplified by the narrow· sidewalks, empty lots, and a lack of easy access to the station.


The Ecosystem project seeks to transform the Bloor-Dun­das intersection by providing a much needed public square, inspired by the Roman Agora, and easy access not just to the station, but across the station, to the north-eastern residential areas and the bike corridor.

Furthermore, the covered market and aquaponics farm will disrupt the dominance of fast-food chains in the area, and offer the refugees a much needed chance to connect with the community and grow their own food. While seasonal restaurants and cafes in strategic connection points will enliven both neighbourhood and station, and offer healthy, nutritious and locally sourced meals.


The project's focus on com­munity and connection will expand to modular refugee housing units complete with library, offices and children's spaces. These private and public programs are separate but complementary, offering varying levels of privacy and interaction

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