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Case Study of the International Medical Centre
Jeddah, KSA 

Healing By Design

Healing By Design

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The International Medical Centre (IMC)is a multi-disciplinary hospital that features speciality centres providing a wide range of comprehensive treatment options for different health problems.  Its main aim is to be the ultimate trusted healthcare institute in the region through creating a patient-centred environment and focusing on a holistic approach to medicine. 

IMC’s Vision is to “pioneer a unique approach of healing the body mind and soul, by applying the best global healthcare standards and pursuing divine ethics.” Whereby “healing” (used in lieu of treatment) is achieved by caring for the person as a whole; Mind, Body and Soul.


Thus they have developed and applied the concept of “healing by design” through the development of their healthcare facilities, acknowledging that it plays a vital role in recovery embodied in layout of the hospital, which utilizes every element towards a propitious milieu of healing from natural lights, gardens, and greenery and carefully selected materials amongst other features. 

This Case Study Analysis was done for the Biophilia Summit held by Living Future Europe, to map out the ways in which IMC has incorporated biophilia in its design and to explore the benefits of biophilic design in healthcare. 

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