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We are a boutique consulting firm,  that specializes in designing and enhancing living spaces for the well-being of all life. We imagine a different world; one which embraces all of it's life forces separate but complementary, and are here to help make it a reality.

We re-cognize that we are nature; an integral part of the larger web of existence. Our pulse is not separate from but beats in harmony with that of the planet. Thus, healing the natural world starts and ends with healing ourselves.

Our approach is one that understands that the fundamental nature of life is fragile and dynamic. An organized chaos. Thus, it is methodological, pragmatic and systematic; built on a framework of knowledge, experience and constant feedback. However, at the same time, we acknowledge that there is an inseparable overlay of narrative, experience, aesthetic and qualitative subjectivity.


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We focus on harnessing and enhancing ecological design and decision-making. Going full circle; from the outside world of environments, ecologies, cultures and resources to the inner world of collective imagination, values and moral empathies, shaped by experiences.  We believe that life truly does follow life, so working with you, we aim to help design living spaces that embody the essence of their unique story. 

Our goals are aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development goals with the hope of breaking down silos to drive forward fundamental glocal change.  Aiming to be a source in a pool of collective knowledge, through which we can begin to develop the best possible practices for a healthy, resilient and regenerative planet for all life.​ 

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