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at The Royal Botanical Gardens

The RBG - Ontario  provides refuge to an ever expanding and increasingly complex urban life, and accompanying health concerns. More critically the 2700 acres of land and waters provides habitat, food and nutrients to thousands of species of flora and fauna. RBG sits at an extremely unique position as an ambassador of the natural world through the lens of the plant world. RBG has a critical role in helping the individual realize their role and place through the scales of space, time and magnitude of issue. RBG is so much more than a destination attraction. RBG is an institution that cultivates gardens, protects natural assets, promotes stewardship, and is a host and venue for the central energy driving the massive cultural shifts necessary to meet a healthy future head on.

Working in collaboration with MT Planners to Inspire Wellness as part of the RBG's 25 Year Master Plan Proposal. Identifying the site's current assets and how they lend themselves nicely to making RBG a Wellness Destination, with it's unique connection to People, Plants and Place. Developing comprehensive Pillars of Wellbeing rooted in global goals and standards and ways of measuring progress. In addition to bringing the spaces and places of the RBG to life through narrative and experiential storytelling. 

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