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Salt Lake County, Utah

The Midvale Main Street area of Salt Lake County is recognized as one of Midvale City’s most historical assets. It's considered home to 34,000 residents and 1,161 families, and offers both an urban and suburban mixed feel with most homes being leased. In addition to its residents, it is the home to various large-scale employers. More importantly, it was incorporated by Salt Lake County into a community development project area.

The project is located on a 27-acre site and is comprised of a variety of business, commercial, and residential uses and is devised in the following 3 phases:


  • Phase I: Two structures featuring ground-floor retail emphasizing amenities, and 40% affordable housing units.

  • Phase II: A charter school for marginalized and low-income students in the neighborhood, as well as a parking structure for the neighborhood

  • Phase III: Lower density townhouses plus neighborhood retail.


The community faces various challenges, those that have been identified as the most pressing are the needs of affordable housing, transportation accessibility, interconnectivity, education, and economic development. These have served as pillars for conceptualizing and developing this project. Thus, the development of this project would be essential to not only advance the goals of the Midvale RDA, but to also offer multiple opportunities for economic development and improvements to the County. The general objective of this Community Revitalization and Economic Development Project is to improve and activate the neighborhood, addressing the key  needs above.  In addition to being an exciting and attractive destination for everyone. Represented by six key outcomes:  


1. Offering Diverse and Mixed-Income Housing options 

2. Creating spaces for Local Businesses, Commercial Activities, and Entrepreneurs

3. Fostering a sense of Community and Connectivity 

4. Elevating Neighborhood Identity

5. Enhancing Transportation and Connectivity

6. Providing Access to Education

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