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Sustaining All Life: The Biophilic Society

Connecting to nature can save our society and can help co-create the conditions to sustain all life.

Photo credits: Living Future Europe

Have you ever stepped out into nature or happened upon a beautiful landscape and found yourself feeling relieved or elated? That comes as no surprise, since science has proven that humans have an innate tendency to seek out connection with nature and other life forms, as illustrated by the Biophilia Hypothesis.

The essence of Biophilia first came into being through the work of Erich Fromm who describes it as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” This notion was then further explored by E.O Wilson, who observes that this connection to nature and love of life has genetic roots. Especially taking into account that for the vast majority of human existence, the natural landscape provided the resources necessary for human survival.

In October of 2022, at The Biophilia Camp, hosted by Living Future Europe, in the unique mountainside chalets of Felizitas on the beautful plateau of the Alta Val di Non in South Tyrol Italy, the Biophilic Society was born. It was conceived as a joint effort between Living Future Europe and a group of biophilic design lovers with the vision to create a living system and a virtual space to promote the culture of biophilia.

In our current society, which is becoming increasingly densely populated and where a growing number of people live in urban areas, people are losing their connection with nature, as it has no longer become a prominent aspect of the direct living environment. More and more people are finding themselves feelings out of touch, lost or unmotivated in their way of life. This is exactly what the Biophilic Society aims to remedy.

The Biophilic Society is a network (a living system) of biophilic lovers, experts, researchers, professionals aiming and working to set biophilia and biophilic design at the centre of the conversation on regenerative design, creating the conditions for their large-scale implementation.

Building on the rigor of literature, research, and existing frameworks, the Biophilic Society works to overpass existing biases, breaks paradigms, scouts, and collects the examples from best practices, in order to move the biophilic approach out from a niche, establishing a new modus operandi for the players of the built environment. Offering a platform through which we can co-create the conditions for sustaining all life.

Our Belief is that reconnecting with nature will save our society, shifting from an ego-system to a true and profound eco-system.

You are invited to sign the manifesto and join this movement towards a more integrated nature-based society, one the factors in all life. Let's work together to manifest this passionate love of life and all that is alive, within us and around us!

Your call to action

Sign – Sign the virtual agreement as a founding member, and commit to advocate for this mission

Share – Share your commitment and the values to increase visibility and reinforce identity

Strengthen – Strengthen the network (living system) to augment the capacity and effectiveness

For more information; download the Manifesto PDF.

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