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Westfjords; Iceland

The Westfjords beckon with their mesmerizing solitude and pristine nature, drawing visitors seeking an escape. This very essence, however, is what demands protection. Enter our vision: a sustainable paradise where responsible tourism thrives alongside the well-being of both the environment and local communities.

We envision a future where respectful connections bridge the gap between tourists and locals.


Shared knowledge and understanding pave the way for mutually beneficial interactions. Moreover, we empower local communities, especially the youth, through an enabling environment, while fostering enriching and educational experiences for visitors.

This journey towards sustainability starts with extensive research, open communication, and collaboration across various stakeholders. Weaving together the Westfjords' unique natural and cultural assets, the goals is to co-create a comprehensive plan that ensures long-term well-being. This includes establishing clear policies, infrastructure, and institutional frameworks, all guided by principles and guidelines that promote responsible development.

Ultimately, this vision paints a picture of a thriving Westfjords community, welcoming responsible tourism that respects nature and fosters global connections. We imagine a future for the Westfjords where human and planetary well-being are inextricably linked, creating a transcendent experience for all.

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