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Female Labor Force Participation, Jordan

WomenWorkJO aims to tackle the Female Labor Force Participation in Jordan by offering Physical and Virtual Spaces, to support Women’s Equity and Employment in Jordan. Facilitating an Enabling and Empowering Environment for women to rise to their potential, internally and externally. Allowing them to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities; safely, sustainably, and productively.

The hope is that the solutions proposed throughout this development plan will catalyze existing efforts and spearhead new and innovative solutions to reduce gender disparities and empower women and girls to realize their rights, determine their own life goals, and help Jordan build a prosperous, self-reliant future. One that values its women, redefining the role that women play. Recognizing the ripple effects of this work on our connection with nature and Mother Earth, piloting a paradigm shift in our approach to life.

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